poetic paintings

Elis Cooke is a visual artist/ poet specializing in mixed media art, book arts and poetry. Elis studied Creative Writing at York University with Eli Mandel and bpnichol. Elis has published poetry and short stories in a wide variety of small presses and publications. She studied printmaking with Stephanie Rayner at the Southampton Art School. Her work has been available through galleries and online as a self representing artist since 2005. Her work is in private collections in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia. Her work was featured in an article in the July 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. A series of 6 paintings have recently been installed in the Touro Hospital in New Orleans. In 2015 a series of 19 painting were installed in the UMC in Louisiana, USA.

Her process is very experimental, in the moment, intuitively responding to the materials and their properties. She continues to explore aspects of printmaking and mixed media painting to evolve and develop her vision. Elis aspires to create a spirited body of work she defines as 'otherly'. Work that is ambiguous and suggestive, hoping to engage the intuition and imagination of the viewer.

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